New Year Day, just like a few other national holidays is called a bank holiday in England. This term is mostly used in England and it’s an indication that banks and many other businesses are closed on a day like that. New Year is celebrated from the evening of December 31st into January 1st everywhere and it is not different in England. To celebrate New Years, many people would normally hold parties and invite friends and family to them. Being a public holiday, it is best for the people as it is one day of the year when people deprive themselves of sleep and many will end up hungover. Everyone find themselves staying awake to welcome the new year and partake in the events of the evening before the new year.

For the New Year celebration, England has a tradition of raising funds for the local community, so across England, people take a dip somewhere in a sea, a lake, or river. This event takes draws some hundreds of spectators and does not only feature the swimmers but also dozens of singers who come to serenade the swimmers. This pop-up choir is formed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

In Gosport, Hampshire, 384 bathers participated in the event in January 1, 2018 to raise fund for a lifeboat charity. For the previous years it has taken place in the Solent as did the last one and every year they raise at least £4,000 for the Gafirs (Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service). In Whitley Bay, over a 150 people took part in the event. Most of which were from the Panama swimming club of Whitley bay. They found themselves swimming in the sea in a freezing temperature to raise fund. Members of Scarborough Lions Club also raised cash for local charities with this event.