Good Friday is considered a bank holiday in England which means that banks in England as well as companies and business places are still closed on good Friday. After the New year celebration, people are getting back to their normal lives but can’t help but except another holiday. It is an important date in the Christian calendar, it changes every year but marks the same event; The crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary.

Before the resurrection of Christ is celebrated on Easter Sunday, there are many events that take place and good Friday is one of them. As the Friday before Easter it marks the start of the Easter long weekend, which includes Easter Monday.

Good Friday Activities

  • First, to celebrate the good Friday, Christian must fast and abstain from a lot of things like alcohol and this tradition applies to all Catholics around the world.
  • After fasting, you can go ahead and munch everything you find, but of course except meat. For Catholics, it is a tradition to eat fish on good Friday. This is a part of the fasting called abstinence.
  • Christians have a tradition where they carry a cross through the streets down to the church on Good Friday. It is called the Procession.
  • Special service that could lasts several hours are held in some churches. For some they celebrate the Stations of the Cross, and others celebrate a communion service in the evening. People also attend a prayer at 3pm, the same time of the day that Jesus gave up on the cross.

There is also an age long tradition in England, where warm pastries called ‘hot cross buns’ are sold around and eaten on Good Friday. The buns are made with a combination fruity ingredients and spice. A cross is also placed on top of the buns as a design that symbolises the cross of Jesus. The same day, the London Pub has a hot cross buns ceremony going on called The Widow’s Son.