Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is one of the absolute best reasons to visit Dublin. This event, which used to be a simple one where people just visited the Mass, suddenly became big around the Millennium. For people living in Dublin, they usually just go to the Parade which is an annual marching band show until the event was reinvented. It has become a huge festival lasting from 4 days to a week and is always a national holiday for celebrating different multi-cultural events and all things Irish with the family.

It takes place on the 17th March and is a day to remember St. Patrick, a British slave who later escaped, became a priest after returning home and later came back to Ireland to convert the pagans of Ireland into Christians. The colour of St. Patrick’s day is green and everyone and everything, including churches and other historical buildings, are decorated in green. This represents the shamrock he wore when he explained the holy trinity to the pagans.

The parade, as earlier mentioned, is the center of all the events and before the 1970s, bars and pubs in Ireland weren’t allowed to open on that day since it was and still is a religious holiday. Using public transport may be the best way to get around in Dublin, especially if you are attending the parades. If you are not a fan of parades, which is doubtful, there are a host of smaller events taking place to mark the day including several drinking parties like cocktails, free drinks and free entry into nightclubs. Traditionally, a typical St. Patrick’s Day hovers around drinking Guinness and Irish whiskey, however, the guinness storehouse also have live music and ceilí dancers and entry is free for everyone that goes by the name Patrick or Patricia.