If you are looking for a super casino in the North of England that can offer you much more than just gaming, then you must visit the Victoria gate casino. It is the largest in the North of England and can be found just in the heart of Leeds city center. You can enjoy a festive atmosphere and bet while enjoying locally brewed beer, and ice-cold beverages from its full-service bar.

Every sports fan who goes to the bar finds the wall-to-wall HD screen exhilarating. They deliver RAW excitement at the live bar as you can watch live sporting events from around the world. There are about 80 electronic gaming terminals, a space for over hundred sitters at the poker zone, as well as 24 live dealer gaming tables, so you can bet all you want. The slot machines are state-of-the-art and are available round the clock.

The V Restaurant never disappoints as serving Italian and international cuisine is their specialty while at the Curve, the classy champagne bar, you will be served a wide selection of international wines including the finest cocktails and champagnes you have ever tasted. You can watch stunning views of the gaming floor and lounge while sitting in the S-shaped sofas of the bar.

Visitors are encouraged to register and join the V Loyalty Card programme. They give you the assurance that your privacy shall be duly respected as you are allowed to set options regarding the ways in which your personal information will be used. No one under the age of 18 years is allowed into the casino and they have policies to promote responsible gambling. This is why they can remove a customer from the casino without any explanation and at their discretion, they can disclose information about such customer to relevant authorities. This does not mean they do not take privacy seriously. They only share data in accordance with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.