The August Bank Holiday is simply referred to as August Holiday in Ireland and many say that it is not a national holiday, though it is treated as one. It is the first Monday of August and has been a bank holiday in Ireland since the British rule.

The Irish people plan their annual work leave around this and other bank holidays, so the holiday extends from the weekend all through their work leave, giving them more days to travel and celebrate. They use these days to do other things like traveling abroad and sometimes, the whole family could use it to go to a summer camp institution. On August Holiday, banks are closed, post offices don’t operate, and many other businesses remain shut down until the long weekend is over. The only places you will find open on occasions like these are the shops and pubs. Public transportation schedules are also affected due to this event.

While others may be out attending horse races on that day, some may attend cultural events, another activity which takes place on August Holiday. There, you can find different kinds of music and art displays, as well as agricultural exhibits. You could also decide to just go out for a walk, bicycling or even get a good exercise but don’t forget to get out on that day and shop. There are Irish shops that you can visit in the city center including Avoca, and House of Ireland.

Other activities that can make your day worthwhile include sailing, rock climbing, canoeing, archery, and kayaking. In the beaches, you can spoil yourself with the sight of beautiful scenery as some of the beaches have beautiful mountains in view. The last thing you must visit is the Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city which was founded in 914 A.D by the Vikings. It has three museums situated in there that you must not miss.